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Dr. Anna Brandenburg- We focus on customized vitamin and mineral boost infusions


Effective compensation of vitamin and nutrient deficiencies in the body

Drip Spa – the latest trend from the USA – provides a natural energy boost and gives the body an optimal vitamin kick. The rich ingredients are 100% absorbed and thus have a faster and more intense onset of action. Without further additives, vitamins, minerals and antioxidants reach the bloodstream directly, where they are immediately available to the body and can contribute to increased health, improved defenses and greater well-being. There are no interactions with food because the digestive tract is bypassed. Depending on your needs, there are Vitality Boosters with B vitamins and magnesium that provide more energy, Immune Boosters with antioxidants for a better immune system, Anti-Stress Boosters with vitamin D, Relax Infusions whose active ingredients optimize concentration and mental performance, Antiaging Drips and many more.
The customized Drip Spa infusions are suitable for women and men.

Drips for individual needs

Perfect Age Drip:  For skin rejuvenation – increases the elasticity and firmness of the skin. The Infusion Perfect Age combines all the necessary amino acids and micronutrients to support cell regeneration and a perfect aging process.

Protect Drip: For a strong immune system. Targeted injections of important micronutrients can support the immune system and protect the body from the inside against external influences.

Relax Drip: For physical and mental relaxation. Special micronutrients are specifically introduced to activate the resting nerve, in order to contribute to the increased formation of the happiness hormone serotonin.

Detox Drip: For internal cleansing of the body. Individually tailored amino acids and antioxidants support our body in detoxification.  

Your questions. Our answers.

Who are drip spa infusions suitable for?

For people who are constantly under stress, who sleeping little, eating too unhealthily and not drinking enough fluids. The result: Poor concentration, mood swings, loss of energy, tiredness and a stressed complexion can be clearly pronounced.

What is the procedure for a Drip Spa infusion?

First we carry out a consultation and a detailed anamnesis. We then determine the nutrient deficits in order to select the individual and tailored infusion for your needs. The infusion is implemented almost painlessly, you only feel a small prick when inserting the injection needle. During the treatment you can relax lying down or sitting.

How exactly does it work?

Individual drips transport the power mixtures of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants directly into the bloodstream, where they are immediately available to the body and can contribute to increasing health, improving the immune system and improving well-being.

We focus on tailor-made
vitamin infusions from the inside out!

Intravenous vitamin cocktails have long been a beauty trend in the USA, which is not only used by celebrities to be fit and healthy, but also to be beautiful from the inside out. Infusion therapy has decisive advantages over taking vitamins and active ingredients orally, because the valuable substances enter the bloodstream directly. This means that the active ingredients can reach the required parts of the body directly through the infusion therapy – without delay. The intravenous treatment enables an effective and individual therapy – tailored to different needs.

Our expert for infusion therapy

Dr. Anna Brandenburg

Make a non-binding inquiry using our contact form, call us on 040 – 46 77 46 27 or book an appointment directly online. We look forward to seeing you.