Aesthetic treatments

Aesthetic-cosmetic consultationca. 50 EUR
(this amount will be credited, if there is a subsequent treatment)
Botox, frown linesca. 180 EUR
Botox, foreheadca. 180 EUR
Botox frown lines and foreheadab 240 EUR
Botox, crow’s feetca. 80 EUR
Botox, masseter muscleca. 480 EUR
Botox, hyperhidrosisca. 750 EUR
Hyaluron fillers, tear ductca. 390 EUR
Hyaluron fillers, lipca. 390 EUR
Hyaluron fillers, nasolabialca. 420 EUR
Hyaluron fillers, corner of mouthca. 420 EUR
Dissolution of hyaluronic acid with hylaseab 180 EUR
Plasma therapy for hair loss1099 EUR
(package price for 4 treatments)
999 EUR (follow-up treatment)
Plasma therapy plus microneedling400 EUR/treatment
1099 EUR (package price for 3 treatments)
Plasma therapy350 EUR/treatment
950 EUR (package price for 3 treatments)
ACP, tear duct filling
(includes mini mesotherapy)
390 EUR
Volume building, cheeksfrom 420 EUR
Skinboosterfrom 250 EUR
Thread liftingfrom 900 EUR
Peeling TCA/Retinol120 EUR
Peeling TCA/Retinol300 EUR (package price for 3 treatments)
Sclerotherapy for varicose veinsca. 90 EUR/treatment