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Cosmetic treatments

Skin-Analysis Skinscoop 30 minutes from 29 EUR
Classic cleansing from 69 EUR
Acne treatment, teens from 50 EUR
Fruit acid peeling with mask from 80 EUR
Rosacea treatment from 69 EUR
Hydrafacial from 159 EUR
+ DermaBuilder/ampoule/mask from 199 EUR
Microneedling from 250 EUR
4 treatments from 800 EUR
6 treatments from 1000 EUR
Microdermabrasion from 109 EUR
Microdermabrasion and mask/massage from 140 EUR
Short add on to cleansing from 29 EUR
Compact add on to microdermabrasion from 49 EUR
Classic 60 minutes
(includes cleansing, dermabrasion, TDA full facial, mask, end treatments)
from 139 EUR
Special 90 minutes
(+ additional areas)
from 159 EUR
Skinteuticals Treatment from 85 EUR
Med Beauty Swiss amino acid treatment
(cleansing, skin preparation, pore extraction,
massage, mask, amino acid concentrate)
from 79 EUR
ONDA Coolwaves
Body lift abdomen completely 299 EUR
Body tightening knee (both sides) 199 EUR
Body lift buttocks (both sides) 250 EUR
Body lift upper arms (both sides) 199 EUR
Body tightening of the inner thighs (both sides) 299 EUR
Body tightening of the outer thighs (both sides) 299 EUR
Body tightening of the front of the thighs (both sides) 299 EUR
Body lift back thighs (both sides) 299 EUR
Body lift thigh 2 zones (e.g. back / outside) 448 EUR
Eyelash tint ab 10 EUR
Eyebrow plucking ab 10 EUR
Eyebrow tinting ab 10 EUR
Seyo ampoule from 29 EUR
Mask from 40 EUR
Facial massage 15 minutes from 30 EUR