First consultation ca. 50 EUR
Skin screening with video, private patients ca. 120 EUR for 1-3 Nevi
ca. 150 EUR for 4-5 Nevi
ca. 160 EUR Bodymapping
ca. 170 EUR from 5 Nevi
Skin screening, direct payment (self), under 18 years ca. 100 EUR for 1-3 Nevi
ca. 120 EUR for 4-5 Nevi
ca. 130 EUR Bodymapping
ca. 140 EUR from 5 Nevi


Vascular laser

Single vasodilation 55 EUR/session
Vasodilatation nose ca. 150 EUR/session
Vasodilatation nose, cheeks ca. 250 EUR/session
Surface reddening of the neck ca. 250 EUR/session
Surface reddening of the décolletage ca. 350 EUR/session
Angiomas, full body ca. 400 EUR/session



Single pigment spot 55 EUR/session
Each additional pigment spot 40 EUR/session
Face (cheeks and forehead) 250 EUR
Back of both hands 380 EUR/session
Tattoo removal (depending on the area) from 230 EUR/session


Ablation of skin growths

Single skin growth ca. 70 EUR
Up to 5 skin growths ca. 180 EUR
Up to 10 skin growth ca. 270 EUR
> More than 10 skin growths ca. 400 EUR


Fraxel laser

UV damage to the face from ca. 300 EUR
Reduction of lip wrinkles, crow’s feet ca. 350 EUR/session
Both cheeks for acne scars from 250 EUR/session


Vaginal laser treatment

per session from 400 EUR


Laser epiltation

Armpits + legs complete + bikini line from 350 EUR/session
Armpits + legs complete from 290 EUR/session
Armpits + bikini line from 120 EUR/session
Armpits or bikini line from 80 EUR/session
Beard incl. neck from 80EUR/session
belly from 120EUR/session
Legs complete + bikini line from 290 EUR/session
Legs complete from 280 EUR/session
Bikini area + intimate zone (bikini complete) from 120 EUR/session
Chest or shoulder bds. from 120 EUR/session
Full body from 890 EUR/session
Vessel incl. vascular fold from 130 EUR/session
Face complete from 120 EUR/session
Yoke bone bds. from 55 EUR/session
Median line from 55 EUR/session
Neck from 80 EUR/session
Neck + back complete from 280 EUR/session
Neck + shoulders from 150 EUR/session
Upper arms bds. from 120 EUR/session
Thighs bds. from 180 EUR/session
OL + chin from 80 EUR/session
OL or chin from 80 EUR/session
Back complete from 180 EUR/session
Below arms bds. from 100 EUR/session
US + bikini line from 220 EUR/session
Lower thigh bds. from 180 EUR/session

Surgical treatments

Surgical removal of skin growth from 3 cm, > 4 cm², > 1 cm³ from 320 EUR
Surgical removal of smaller lesions from 180 EUR
Superficial removal of raised skin growths from 170 EUR
Trial biopsy ca. 120 EUR
Removal of warts ca. 75 EUR