Skin Texture Improvement and Reduction of Fine Lines

So that you can shine as brightly as your skin.

The skin can be fractionally treated with a laser (Fraxel laser) to significantly smooth fine wrinkles, wrinkles around the mouth and eyes, reduce (acne) scars, reduce pore sizes and adjust pigmentation. The Fraxel laser can also be used to prepare the skin for photodynamic therapy (PDT), in order to enable an optimal delivery of the photosensitisers and improve the effects of PDT.

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How does the fractionated laser work?

Its laser beam is divided into several hundred smaller beams. These deliver heat columns into the skin causing microdefects. Around these ‘injuries’, which are not visible on the skin surface, fibroblasts are stimulated in the course of wound healing. The cells react by forming new collagen fibres and the skin regains elasticity and resilience.

Is the treatment painful?

An anaesthetic cream is applied 20 minutes before the treatment. In addition, the skin is cooled before, during and after the treatment with pain-relieving cooling packs.

Does the treatment need to be repeated?

An immediate effect is visible after four to six days. A long-term effect can be achieved with two to three treatments over a period of about eight to twelve weeks.

What does one look like after the treatment and what is important to bear in mind?

As with all laser treatments, the skin should be optimally protected from the sun for four to six weeks after the treatment so that no undesirable pigment changes occur.

Directly after the treatment, redness and swelling are sometimes visible. For this, we recommend cooling the skin. The pattern of the laser beam can be seen for a few days after the treatment in the treated areas. During the skin renewal process the skin becomes rough and can start to peel.

Under no circumstances should the flakes be prematurely picked off. This can cause bacterial infections and also increase the risk of scarring. Three to seven days after the treatment, the healing process is complete and no more side effects can be seen.

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Dr. med. Anna Brandenburg

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