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Warts are caused by a human papillomavirus infection. More than 120 types of these viruses have been distinguished in medicine. S ince the immune systems of children are not yet fully developed, infections with HPV viruses are more common.

Your questions. Our answers.

How are warts treated?

We work with a combination treatment for warts: weekly ablation, local treatment with a solution containing salicylic acid and 5-fluorouracil and cryotherapy. Warts can be extremely persistent, so patience is important. It is not always possible to say exactly how many sessions will be necessary at the beginning of a treatment. Individual immune systems play a decisive role.

Are warts contagious?

Yes, they are transmitted from person to person. If, for example, warts appear on the foot of a family member, the whole family should wear slippers in the bathroom.

How can warts be prevented?

By wearing slippers at the swimming pool. If family members are affected, also wear slippers at home in the bathroom. Feet should be kept warm, but without allowing them to sweat too much. Where there are bacterial or fungal foot infections, the treatment must ensure that the virus is prevented from spreading.

Can warts heal by themselves?

As we get older, we develop a virus-specific immune defence so that the infection can be repelled by an intact immune system. This explains the high spontaneous remission rate of more than 60% in children within two years.

Our expert for the treatment of warts

Dr. med. Anna Brandenburg

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