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A juvenile-looking skin

So you don’t just feel younger, you also look it.

Our facial muscles enable us to express emotions: we frown to express annoyance, we contract our eyebrows to show confusion, while laughter creates wrinkles around the eyes. In youthful skin, wrinkles smooth out as soon as the muscles relax again.

However, in the process of the skin aging, fine wrinkles become more and more pronounced. This is caused by the breakdown of collagen fibres, reduced fat production and a decreasing ability of the cells to store moisture, meaning the skin increasingly loses elasticity and resilience. The medication relaxes and smoothes the muscles and effectively slows down the visible ageing signs of the skin.

Your questions. Our answers.

How does the treatment affect facial expressions?

If only very small amounts are injected, the muscles can continue to work. However, they contract less intensively and the reduced facial expression allows facial wrinkles to smooth out more quickly.

Does the treatment give you a mask-like face?

Not if it is used correctly. As the treatment not only prevents the deepening of existing wrinkles but also prevents the formation of new ones, it is worth starting treatment early.

How does the treatment work?

After an analysis of the facial expressions and the wrinkles that are perceived as troubling, we inject the smallest amounts of injection powder dissolved in a buffer solution into the target muscle with a very fine needle. The dosage depends on the contraction strength of the muscle and the depth of the wrinkles; it is carried out in internationally-scaled units, which allows for comparability of the injected amounts. The treatment price also depends on the number of units. In the first days after the treatment the effect is not initially visible. The maximum effect is visible after about two weeks.

What is important before and after the treatment?

Before the treatment, aspirin or other anticoagulant drugs should be avoided to reduce the risk of bruising. For optimal effect, sport should be avoided for at least two days after the treatment. The use of saunas should also be avoided as heat destroys the active ingredient.

How long does the effect last?

Usually between three and six months. The injections can then be repeated for as long as the effect is desired.

Can there be complications?

Since the active ingredient is applied with a fine needle, a slight redness and swelling may temporarily occur at the injection site. In rare cases, spot bleeding (haematomas) may occur. This disappears within a few days and can be covered with make-up immediately after the treatment. The medication is only effective at the injection site. There is therefore no risk of systemic side effects or general paralysis of the muscles. If the face shows irregularities after the treatment, these can easily be corrected by small after-treatments.

Which areas are injections suitable for?

For frown lines, for between the eyebrows, for the transverse forehead wrinkles, for crow’s feet around the eyes, for fine wrinkles around the mouth and nose areas or the so-called strawberry wrinkles on the chin. The injection is also used in many other areas, for example, it can also help significantly in the case of excessive sweating (hyperhidrosis). All other areas of application are shown in the following diagram.

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